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7 events communications Agency — winner of «Event-agency, certified by AKMR — 2015″ competition.

  • Posted On 17/09/2015
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7 events communications agency is among the top-5 best event-agencies in 2015 in the annual competition «Event-agency, certified by AKMR — 2015″.
This year, the agency has entered with the project of organization of the opening of Russia’s first Data Processing Center (DPC), created by SAP and Rostelecom. Creativity of the agency is reflected in the developing of the theme of «Maestro-Masters-creator of a unique business tool», which is the data center for customers of SAP. The effectiveness of the event is confirmed by the presence of senior officials, a successful press conference with the participation of leading media, creating unique design of the warm tent with all the amenities in the winter period, on December 23, in the industrial zone of restricted area of Kurchatov institution. An important economic component of the project was the ability to work with suppliers to achieve multi-million dollar savings for the customer.
Lilia Petrosyan, General Director of 7 events communications, comments participation in the contest «The best event-agency certified by AKMR — 2015»:
«The professionalism and skill of the agency and its team are perfected and proved daily by attention to the problems of the customer. This competition is another milestone in recognizing the importance and experience of the agency in professional sphere. This is an opportunity to demonstrate our potential and to identify ways for further development. »
Every year the competition «Event-agency certified by AKMR» attract Russian companies, offering services to organize and conduct activities in accordance with international standards in the world of corporate communications.
AKMR — Association of Director of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia (AKMR) is the founder and organizer of a number of significant events in the sphere of communications and corporate media in Russia and abroad.

7 events communications — full-service agency. 7 events communications, event marketing agency, provides a full range of services for corporate events for partners, customers and employees of the client and press events. Agency clients include large foreign companies, Russian companies and government organizations. Geographical presence includes an office in Moscow and regional representatives in Russia, CIS countries and abroad. Year of foundation — 2007. General Director — Lilia Petrosyan.
It is in the top 5 professional event agencies in 2015 in AKMR contest.
The winner of the international prize Global Event Awards 2014 in the category «The best business event.» Winner of the national award «Golden Puzzle 2014» — the best event-project. Diploma award «Golden Puzzle 2014» — «The best defense of the project.» Short-list of agencies in competition «Event-agency certified by AKMR» 2014. The winner in nomination “Attention to details» in contest «Event-agency certified by AKMR» 2013.

Predicting the future! Modern trends in design activities

  • Posted On 10/09/2015
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Making the event — it is a tool to attract and retain the attention of the audience, creating an unforgettable vivid impressions. What will help event professionals in the industry in the near future?

This driving force for many industries — did not escape the attention and event industry. New technologies are helping to make the impossible at events, they bind together all the elements of action, special effects impress even discerning guests. Holographic images, sensory projection, video projection to change the space, ordering meals guests through a virtual menu for mobile devices and applications. Over time, the use of these technologies will be less costly for the budget measures.

Customers are increasingly demanding the original event, designed specifically for them — an unusual site, interesting design, and creative catering. All companies must comply with the spirit or the customer needs and style and lifestyle of its guests. Now organizers are not planning the event — they create a life style!

Chamber Events
Small cozy activities are becoming increasingly popular. The atmosphere is less formal and rigorous, fading standard dining with an official dress code, and the seating arrangement, multiple-course. Guests are able to move with ease and communicate in any event. A small number of guests become more exclusive event that becomes a good marketing ploy.

Organic branding
Guests ambassadors of the brand. Discreet use of the brand and products as decorative elements, especially in the promotional activities will be a good trend is not pressing on the perception of guests, on the contrary, creates positive emotions and reveals the advantages and practical sides of the brand and the product behind it. Such an experience of interaction with a brand is easily translated into a social network, not as advertising, but as an impression.

Prepare yourself
More and more activities are used to catering options through which visitors themselves can create dishes to your taste. This variety of workpiece -ingredienty on the principle of «do it yourself» — snacks, drinks, desserts …

Flowers design
Floral elements are used not only as a table decoration, but as art installations — significant elements of the decor.

Live chat
The main purpose of the event — invited guests participating for live chat — remains unchanged for many years. And the best — new technologies, a variety of design ideas of space, entertainment and food — as always aimed at creating the right atmosphere for communication and information!

(based on

How to choose «your» catering company?

  • Posted On 13/08/2015
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The quality of the event depends on the quality and quantity of food supplied. Good catering can save the event, bad — to destroy all your efforts to make the perfect event. This cost is very expensive and requires careful selection of catering company. This is not easy, since proposals may differ in price and very difficult to compare.
Criteria for selection of experts from the event-industry can help you navigate among the proposals and to make the right choice.

Responsiveness and interest in your needs
They listen and ask questions about your business, about the upcoming event and your guests, your budget and preferences. Many companies are willing to provide the best tasting sets of the best products at low prices. This cannot but cause concern, as well as lack of adequate feedback and communication with you during the negotiations.

Experience with the specific format of the event.
Not all catering companies are able to cover the entire range of activities existing formats. Everyone has a certain specialization — whether it’s the VIP events and private parties or huge corporate events for several thousand guests. Some are great at outdoor events. Other — make show in confined spaces. Ask contractors what activities are best for them, how long they work in this niche.

A variety of menu options
Almost every catering company has a standard menu with the possibility of small changes, that do not substantially affect the price. These menus change according to the new trends of the market and the season. However, the real professionals always creatively approach the compilation of the tasting menu for a particular event tailored to your specific preferences and needs. They do not reject your request to make diet, vegetarian dishes or a children’s menu. They serve a special presentation of meals in accordance with the theme of the event. You just have to taste and choose what’s right.

Willingness to make tasting
To check the quality of catering is possible in the pre-tasting. Many customers do not order it, while others simply do not know about this service. Having agreed on the tasting, you should make sure that it will contain the dishes that you have chosen for the event, and not other similar samples. Pay attention not only to the taste and portion size, but also on presentation — how it will look on the table. If necessary, ask for dishes to choose a suitable drink. Visit 3-4 tastings to select the best supplier.

Catering must fit into the theme of the event and the venue
Seated dinner — one option, an informal party in the open air — the other. Catering company should be aware of the requirements of a particular venue (and preferably have experience with it), especially when it comes to museum halls or public institutions.

The contract includes all
It should be clear and transparent, and include the conditions agreed upon — specific menu items and drinks, weight of portions, the number of guests, type of feed rates, services and much more. Discuss in advance all non-standard items and services, including additional employees, cleaning, waste disposal. Provide options to withdraw the order in whole or reduction / enlargement booking conditions, if the catering company itself refuses to order. Include everything in the contract.

Willingness to invite to the event
It is not always positive comments of others can help you. Ask the catering company to attend the event with her participation. A few minutes is enough to get the full picture of what will be at your event.

(based on foreign media)

Love your guests!

  • Posted On 20/07/2015
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You try to make each event an unforgettable experience for guests — to intrigue them, leave only pleasant impressions after the event. You love your guests if you:
Create the impression
Since the idea to implementation, you do not just plan, you create an individual creative product.
You give guests the opportunity to discover the event, to see a small clip or photo collage, get information on the dress code and the planned arrangements. It is not only intriguing , but also allow guests to check and prepare properly.
Make life easier
With mobile applications, you help the guests to easily sign up for the event and make the necessary payment, get a map of venue, necessary details of the event. You provide a large parking lot or find venue near the metro area.
Comfortable catering, free internet. Clear routing and regular supply of vital information. Your staff ready to help guests any time of the event.
Listen and thank
You ask and process customers feedback about the event, making conclusions for the future. You respond to requests, questions and suggestions.
(based on foreign media data)

Event-industry trends

  • Posted On 09/07/2015
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Innovation in the modern world of technology and business is reflected in the event industry. Each year, experts on the organization of events have the opportunity to try out the new formats of organizing events according to the growing needs of customers. We present some of the most important trends in the industry for the current year and the near future.

Event — Community
Increasingly, the life cycle of events is beyond the scope of specific dates. It begins long before the actual onset of action (mailing information, surveys) and continues after it (surveys, delivery of necessary data, ..) in the form of different information platforms and applications. A certain community of people with common interests and needs is formed. However, eventers not always have time to maintain these communities, they should make a new event. A great potential of the community — needs to learn how to work properly with them.

Local cuisine and products
Several years ago, this trend won many customers as organic and simple. catering companies have adopted fresh farm products as a competitive advantage.

Mobile applications
Applications for the event are becoming more popular and allow participants to give more information. However, there is a problem to convince the participants to upload an application and work with it at the event. According to statistics, about 60% download the application and of these only 10% use it for work. The task of the event organizers and customers — to persuade the participants to work with applications that address the needs of the participants in the development of these applications.

Single Platform
Modern technology allows us to work with one versatile tool for planning and carrying out of actions, not with a dozen tools and databases that need to be coordinated, fill in and monitor separately.

New venues
Rising prices and dwindling budgets dictate the new trend of finding the best venues for events. Empty warehouses and hangars, parks and zoos, roofs, garages converted using a simple decor in excellent non-standard venues.

Mobile applications
Remember how comfortable to walk through the museum with audio guide. Similar and other useful applications await visitors exhibitions, festivals and major events. Participants will receive the necessary information about goods and services, potential customers, contractors and customers, find out what is currently taking place at various venues, will make own schedule for the event, will be able to ask questions and get necessary data in real time, leave comments, send data in social networks.

Mighty www
The presence of the Internet and wi-fi becomes a necessary condition for the event. Using applications and data exchange for a large number of participants requires a reliable and high speed signal transmission.

Data analysis
Data collection at the event is made for a variety of purposes. This information is usually systematized and analyzed after the event, and even later. Modern technology will instantly collect, process and generate reports based on this information. This will help the organizers to take into account all the comments of participants at the event and to get the maximum return on their work.

Confibition — a new format

  • Posted On 01/07/2015
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Current trends and customer needs are changing the rules in the event industry. The main task — to interest the customer and his customers — is achieved by combining the elements in various formats.
The recent trend merger of the two most popular formats of the event — exhibition and conference.

The exhibition — it is a good format to demonstrate capabilities and attract customers, but visitors are increasingly talking about the lack of an educational element, the session with questions and answers to get the full information about the product or service of interest.

One of the leading formats, customer training. Disadvantages — need to find sponsors and professional speakers on designated topics.

The new format — confibition.
The conference organizers assign a place for exhibition areas, where you can see specific examples. Historically, this format has emerged from one of the scientific conferences and poster sessions in separate rooms, where scientists were able to demonstrate their specific examples of scientific work and answer questions from the audience.
The pledge of success of the new format is the balance of its constituent parts — a conference and an exhibition, the ability to organize individual meetings, and fit them into the schedule of the event.

For the successful development of a new format it is necessary to do the preparatory work with the participants. Ask the target audience on the main issue — more of conferences or of exhibitions? Does the participants need long theoretical reports, or they need more communication with the speakers and participants with the exhibition format?
And also: find the right venue for exhibition booths and meeting rooms for dialogue, invite the good speakers, create high-quality sponsorship packages with special discounts for exhibition space and advertising, make competently and strict program. And the participants will be able to take full advantage of the new format!

How to make successful event?

  • Posted On 18/06/2015
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If you regularly plan and conduct activities, you probably know that at any time you need to be ready for unexpected developments. Something could go wrong during the preparation or during the event itself.
How to avoid it?

Do not do anything on the pattern.
Repeated from year to year, the event or the elements can annoy even the most persistent participants. Regularly change the elements of the event, adds a new, attracting the attention of the audience. Find an unusual platform, experiment with design and special effects. Look for inspiration in the relevant sites, brainstorm on the team.

Create the cloud of anticipation around an event.
You have not received the required number of confirmations of participation in the event. Urgently address the problem! You are not interested in your audience, even if the event itself is very high quality. Why your event cannot be missed? It is important for the customer and for you — to make sure that both believe it! Do not overwhelm guests with traditional invitations and numerous reminders — try to create such an invitation, which cannot be abandoned. All are waiting for the event and confirm participation.
Regularly publish on websites and social networks small blocks of information related to the upcoming event. Engage opinion makers for comments. Use VIPs. Share useful information related to the topic of the event. Intrigue and engage the audience, emphasizing what the participants will receive from attending of your event.

Work with feedback about your event — especially with the negative!
Monitoring of social networks is the important part of the work on the event. React immediately to solve problems. Communicate with participants, thank for feedback, learn from it for the upcoming events.
(based on foreign media data)

Modern technology for the event industry

  • Posted On 12/06/2015
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The level of modern technology makes it possible to generate thousands of ideas, applications, innovation for all types of events.

Mobile applications. Mobile applications will dominate in the coming years.
The massive use of smartphones has led to a change in the very structure of the organization of events and processes associated with them.

The development of technology has made unnecessary the following processes:
— The use of paper-based programs, lists of participants, newsletters, brochures
— Conducting paper surveys at events
— The use of signs and maps for the event

Mobile applications help to improve:
— Communication in social networks during the event
— Group or targeted messages
— The organization of meetings and conferences during the event, the establishment of business contacts
— Working in groups
— Integrated gamification
— Self-learning during the Event
— The use of social networks

Mobile applications give a lot of opportunities to use them in the organization of Event:
— Gamification
— Help to navigate and find information. App helps participants find their location at the event and give recommendations for further movements.
— Personalized greeting and send notifications upon arrival at the event.
— The exchange of data and work in social networks. It can be two-way — with the permission of the participant application transfers contact information, profile of social networks, information of convention halls, food preferences in the event, and much more.
— Measures the time spent at the exhibition booth — the more time is spent, the more likely this person is interested.
— Automated remote demos during the event or at the exhibition
— Targeted messages to the various categories of participants by the organizers
— Measuring the quality of service by participants — time registration line at the buffet, the ease of finding the right room …

Analytics. Analysis of the data will be one of the most important in the use of mobile applications.
Eventers used to collect and analyze data before or after the events, and in the event, the level of satisfaction and efficiency measures was difficult to assess.
Today mobile applications offer analytics on huge blocks of data — a gold mine of useful and current information to improve the quality of your work.
Analytics provided applications that enables us to give instant answers to various questions — from the best speaker and booth at the event (who attracted more attention) to the number of applications used during the event.

One of the trends of the future — the use and exchange of huge amounts of data during events and exhibitions. This will require the use of analytical and statistical applications. The data in the future will be the basis for the marketing strategy.
The threat to data — also the problem of the coming days. Solving the problem of hacking of databases and information theft — in the creation of security tools and systems, access codes, and anti-virus programs.

Drones photographers. Use drones at events for high-definition photo and video from different angles and in real time will become a new trend, if it receives a legal permit.

Condenced format. The abundance of information that falls on us in the internet makes marketers look for new forms of presentation of products and services. In place of the traditional texts with illustrations comes videos — the highest quality and the shortest for the speed and accuracy of perception. Webinars are also becoming shorter — the participants are willing to spend on them a maximum of 45 minutes of your time.
(based on materials of the foreign press)

Unify Partner meeting

  • Posted On 01/06/2015
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Hotel Four Seasons, opened on the site of the legendary Hotel Moscow was chosen by 7 events communications for a venue for Unify’s traditional spring meeting for partner companies.
Unify empowers partners around the world thanks to the industry-leading portfolio of unified communications solutions. At the meeting, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the first results were announced, plans to work with partners in the new conditions were discussed.

20th anniversary of AIG in Russia

  • Posted On 21/05/2015
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7 Events Communications organized the event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AIG insurance company in Russia, which took place in Moscow on May 19, 2015.
On the territory of the Red October factory celebration brought together representatives of the insurance community and professional associations, top managers of major Russian companies.
As a result of our activities, the Agency received the highest scores and responses of senior management, customers and partners in Russia AIG:
«We appreciated the quality of services provided by 7 Events Communications, ability to solve complex problems, as well as creativity, competence, professionalism and personal involvement of employees. We plan to continue our fruitful cooperation with 7 Events Communications. Our experience with this company allows us to recommend her as a professional in the business and as a reliable partner in the implementation of tasks related to marketing communications, «- says Roman Tihonenko, President of CJSC» AIG. »
CJSC «AIG» is part of the International Group American International Group, Inc., is one of the world leaders in the field of personal and property insurance and provides services to customers in more than 100 countries.