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How to get better? Advice for event-managers. (a selection of articles and blogs by event industry professionals)

  • Posted On 18/05/2015
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Despite of years of work and number of events done, the presence or lack of knowledge and experience — we often ask ourselves whether we are doing all right in our work? We picked up a few tips that will help you become better and achieve more.

Practice allows you to master skills.
The most simple advice — do more activities, help others, work in a team, volunteer, whatever. This will provide diverse experience. Each event is unique, so it is impossible to prescribe a universal formula for success to create the events. Through practice and errors, developing intuition, you will achieve the desired results.

Read more
From books on the theory and professional journals — to e-books and blogs — read regularly to learn theory and to keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry.

After each event, try to analyze the past and to summarize. Get information from the customer, the guests, from your team. Celebrate success, but do not miss the opportunity to analyze the defects, so that they do not recur in the future.

Reasonably use technology
Use only those innovations, that are appropriate and do not require large investments — of money and manpower. Understand the process behind these technologies to show their benefits and importance of using.

Involve opinion leaders
Look in the communities and social networks of experts to help with ideas and their implementation at the event. Use the best advice from the social networks as a source of inspiration. Attend professional events, listen to renowned speakers.

Look for solutions, not problems
Our mission — to find a solution to any problem that has customer. If the customer requests will certainly become a problem for you — negotiate. Active work experience can help to find optimal solutions and explain why it works.

Attend events
As a professional in the organization of events — you will always be critical to the work of the competition, noting all the things that you would do differently. Visiting various events, you can see how the idea of the competition come to life, what processes are behind this. Emphasize the pros and cons.

Ask questions
Organize regular brainstorming sessions for the whole team — it should look like the perfect event. Forget all restraining elements (budget, resources). How to improve the perception of the participants? How to solve the problem? Are there other ways to solve the problems that are different from those used constantly?

Love yourself
Take care about yourself — for 100% job involvement you will need to charge the power and energy, good sleep, switching to other activities, rest, walk in the fresh air — anything that will help to relieve stress and get back to work.

Love your work!
We believe that the best event managers — those who sincerely loves their job, despite its complexity, and the DC voltage. After all, we cannot work half-heartedly and leave things to be done later. If you like the drive and the joy of victory — difficulties to you are not an obstacle!

Event marketing — Bright solution of business problems

  • Posted On 12/05/2015
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Based on the article from the journal «Event-Marketing» ZAO «Publishing House» Grebennikov»

The author in her article considers the event as a component of the marketing strategy of the company. Attention is paid to the description of the elements and event marketing tools aimed at solving business and marketing objectives of the customer.

From traditional telecommunications to a new method of business communication

  • Posted On 27/04/2015
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7 events communications is a partner in the organization of a series of regional conferences of Unify — a manufacturer of corporate telecommunications systems. Conferences «From traditional telecommunications to a new method of business communication» were already held in Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. These events allow to establish close relationship with existing and potential customers, respond to emerging issues, in the dialog reveal all the characteristics of new products portfolio Unify.

SAP Forum

  • Posted On 24/04/2015
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Our agency organized the plenary part of the SAP Forum 2015, which took place in Moscow: innovative technology from SAP, Tesla and Google, interesting hands on sessions and meetings, and always in a good mood.

Agency 7 events communications — the winner of the contest AKMR «Best Corporate Video — 2015»

  • Posted On 02/03/2015
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March 3, 2015, Moscow.

7 events communications agency is the winner of «Best Corporate Video — 2015», organized by the Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia (AKMR). in the category «Best HR video»

Evaluation of video works was held during Moscow International Festival of corporate videos and forum «Corporate Video in Russia: progress and achievements.»

The Agency has received the award for the video «SAP — in rhythm with you!» — movie created for students of technical colleges by the request of SAP CIS. The video clearly depicts the image of a dynamic innovative company, which offers advanced technology and a great opportunity for young professionals of technical universities in the country to grow and develop in an open creative atmosphere. Script of the video creatively combines acting work and advanced digital technology.

Accepting the award the Director of 7 events communications agency Lilia Petrosyan said: «I am very pleased to be here today among the professional community. I am proud of our clients. They put in front of us challenging interesting tasks, helping to implement them, it allows us to grow professionally and achieve new heights and be the leader in the field of marketing services! Many thanks to SAP CIS for trust and choice of our ideas, SAP CIS staff involved in the film and showed not only their professional but also potential acting skills!

We hope that our corporate videos will allow to solve business objectives, strengthen the image, reputation, and increase the profitability of the company! »

Representatives of SAP CIS noted cooperation with the Agency 7 events communications as extremely productive in terms of understanding the problems of the customer, finding exact solutions, deep, professional creative work.

Corporate video today is an emotional tool for accessing different target audiences — customers, partners, employees, shareholders. It allows you to perfectly solve various tasks from business, marketing, HR, Corporate & Brand communications.

7 events communications agency has long-term experience in developing corporate videos targeting various tasks: corporate films, commercials, success stories, image videos of company and customer’s product, video case studies. In the arsenal of the agency — experienced writers, directors, consultants, winners of Russian and international professional awards for video production, studio using the latest technologies.

SAP — Play the Game!

  • Posted On 24/02/2015
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7 events communications organized the kick-off event for SAP CIS.

The most important annual event in the life of the company – announcing SAP CIS yearly results was held in the format of rewarding sports champions and record holders. The company’s management in an open dialogue discussed the results of 2014 and marked the company’s prospects in 2015. Skill, desire to win and overcome the difficulties, team spirit, determination and confidence of the best employees were rewarded with prizes and medals. Dynamic atmosphere of a sporting event was supported by fresh design area and bright dance program. In photo booth everyone was able to capture its unique sporty championship!

Negotiate for Success!

  • Posted On 11/02/2015
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Ability to negotiate is an important skill for work and for life. It is particularly in demand in the career of event manager. It is one of the methods to increase profits from the event and use the client’s budget with maximum quality. If you master this skill — in the process of negotiation it will be always possible to achieve success. Here is the key to success:

Prior to negotiations:

Make an estimate list of the required and optional items. If you prepare an estimate of only mandatory positions and do not leave anything to the discussion, you inevitably lose something necessary and important. If your goal is to minimize the need approval points, the rest will be discussed more calmly.

Know your budget. Often during hot negotiations with suppliers you might forget about this amount, that can lead to failure over budget — an error that is not welcomed by professionals.

During negotiations:

Achieve parity in the balance of power. No one should feel as loser, especially in relations with contractors. Do not take hasty decisions. Discuss offer packages. Negotiate proposals with bonuses and discounts while increasing services to be procured or change the terms of payment.

Dig into all the details. Consult with the customer.

Notify the Contractor in the negotiations on the proposals from other contractors — a little competition is always for good!

Effective communication — the main thing in the negotiations. You need to learn to be a great negotiator. You should also be able to listen competently and clarify all the important points. Body language will help revive negotiations — friendly and professional.

Lilia Petrosyan is among Top 250 Best General Managers in 2014 Rating of «General Director» magazine

  • Posted On 02/02/2015
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Lilia Benikovna Petrosyan

Company: «Seven events», Moscow
Position: Director

Industry: Services

The company’s mission: to help clients increase sales and business performance

* Tell us about the developments in the area in which you nominate yourself

7 events communications, event marketing agency, provides a full range of corporate events services for partners, customers and employees of the Client, as well as activities for the press. We achieve this by streamlined processes, collaboration, work in synergy with customers and suppliers, awareness activities as an important part of the business process. We are distinguished by:

— Authenticity, responsibility, results-oriented, flexible and transparent pricing policy.
— Beauty in details, exceptional solutions, graceful forms of implementation of ideas, attention to every stage of work
— Trust, significant experience, team of like-minded, many successful projects, long-term relations with customers

In our work we focus on the system of qualities and skills that every employee should have, helping to discover and develop them. High service — means our people!

Event-manager of the agency:
Brave, responsible
Diverse thinking, giving the customer a choice!
Attentive, neat
Professional, competent
Well-mannered, sincere
Reliable, sensitive, intuitive

Agency staff are motivated to be useful to the client, agency, which in turn brings recognition and job satisfaction.
Monetary remuneration (salary and bonuses) — is an expression of gratitude agencies and clients for work.
Education on the specifics of the event-market, growth of skills move employees to new exciting search and development of their personality.

* Tell us about your management principles

In our work, you must not only possess experience in shaping the strategy and tactics of event marketing, be able to properly coordinate the resources, but also to actively listen and hear the client, «to be in the client’s shoes», making full use of professional skills. If everything fits together the best solutions are born.

— Optimize resource agencies to work effectively on projects
— Continuous training and motivation of employees to the success of the agency, to prevent staff turnover
— Attention to details of the projects, creation of back-up implementation plans
— Self-education, search for new technologies and techniques that improve the creative process, monitor changes in the ares of event marketing, in terms of legislation and law.

Read more:

Laureates and winners — why should I participate?

  • Posted On 20/01/2015
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How often do you ever take part in professional competitions and awards? Is participation worth time and effort spent? Do awards in the industry gain prestige? Do I need to participate in these contests?

We firmly believe in our agency that there are several important reasons for participation:

Audit in the agency
Selecting works for the contest or award, you will definitely appreciate the quality in new ways, from different points of view — up-to-date, client-oriented, professional, innovative. Define all, that was done perfectly, and things, that could be done better …

Feeling of competition in the market
Presenting projects to the contest, you assess them in terms of competing agencies. As a result, you get a relatively objective picture (with good representation in all categories) of your place in the market of different types of event services. The contest allows to highlight the advantages of a particular agency in comparison with competitors. This will help to favorably distinguish you from other contestants.

internal team building
For the agency team it is one of the reasons to come together and carry out a joint audit of projects to select the most outstanding according to different criteria. Memories of successful projects, and pride of their work, evaluation of their own contribution to the team’s own professionalism — all matters.

Advertising of the agency
Participation in professional awards and competitions gives ability to express ourselves for the media, to create a quality news to tell about their capabilities through improved designs.

Overview of the market situation
In Russia and abroad there are various awards in event industry. Many of them exist in certain niches (weddings, MICE). This allows large industry players speak about their professional advantages in different fields of industry . Large premium event industry awards give an overview of the situation on the market, highlite cases of the best and latest technologies and processes — to copy and adapt to fit your needs. And in such copying is nothing to be ashamed of, as you take a sample of the best activities carried out!

Rising the bar
Any contests designed to bring out the best and raise the bar for the industry to a new level. Participation in this process always efficiently important.
Of course, preparing to participate in the awards and competitions takes a lot of time and effort. Presentation of the project requires concentration, good skills and knowledge of the industry. All this will be justified by the recognition and prizes — the joy of their work. And if you will not get prizes — will be striving for new heights!

Happy New Year! Happy New TsOD!

  • Posted On 23/12/2014
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December 23, 2014 — Outstanding historical event in the world of Russian IT-technologies. Now the cloud is in Russia!

«The Russian government has welcomed the opening of the cloud data center (DC) of SAP in partnership with Rostelecom!» — Said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who was present at the opening of the data center of SAP CIS!
Among the speakers were: President of «Rostelecom» Sergei Kalugin, First Deputy on Science of the Research Center «Kurchatov Institute», President for Central and Eastern Europe, SAP SE Klyaynemayer Michael, Chief Executive Officer of SAP CIS — Vyacheslav Orekhov, Natalia Parmenov — Executive
Director of SAP CIS.

Agency 7events SAP was entrusted for the organization of the event, which for us is certainly very honorable and meaningful — to host the historically important event — the first cloud data center in Russia. The company SAP — as always is first in all efforts! To work with the leaders is always interesting!
We thank all our partners for their help in organizing this important event for the country and the Russian market of IT technologies!
Happy New Year! Happy New TsOD!