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Negotiate for Success!

Ability to negotiate is an important skill for work and for life. It is particularly in demand in the career of event manager. It is one of the methods to increase profits from the event and use the client’s budget with maximum quality. If you master this skill — in the process of negotiation it will be always possible to achieve success. Here is the key to success:

Prior to negotiations:

Make an estimate list of the required and optional items. If you prepare an estimate of only mandatory positions and do not leave anything to the discussion, you inevitably lose something necessary and important. If your goal is to minimize the need approval points, the rest will be discussed more calmly.

Know your budget. Often during hot negotiations with suppliers you might forget about this amount, that can lead to failure over budget — an error that is not welcomed by professionals.

During negotiations:

Achieve parity in the balance of power. No one should feel as loser, especially in relations with contractors. Do not take hasty decisions. Discuss offer packages. Negotiate proposals with bonuses and discounts while increasing services to be procured or change the terms of payment.

Dig into all the details. Consult with the customer.

Notify the Contractor in the negotiations on the proposals from other contractors — a little competition is always for good!

Effective communication — the main thing in the negotiations. You need to learn to be a great negotiator. You should also be able to listen competently and clarify all the important points. Body language will help revive negotiations — friendly and professional.