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Modern technology for the event industry

The level of modern technology makes it possible to generate thousands of ideas, applications, innovation for all types of events.

Mobile applications. Mobile applications will dominate in the coming years.
The massive use of smartphones has led to a change in the very structure of the organization of events and processes associated with them.

The development of technology has made unnecessary the following processes:
— The use of paper-based programs, lists of participants, newsletters, brochures
— Conducting paper surveys at events
— The use of signs and maps for the event

Mobile applications help to improve:
— Communication in social networks during the event
— Group or targeted messages
— The organization of meetings and conferences during the event, the establishment of business contacts
— Working in groups
— Integrated gamification
— Self-learning during the Event
— The use of social networks

Mobile applications give a lot of opportunities to use them in the organization of Event:
— Gamification
— Help to navigate and find information. App helps participants find their location at the event and give recommendations for further movements.
— Personalized greeting and send notifications upon arrival at the event.
— The exchange of data and work in social networks. It can be two-way — with the permission of the participant application transfers contact information, profile of social networks, information of convention halls, food preferences in the event, and much more.
— Measures the time spent at the exhibition booth — the more time is spent, the more likely this person is interested.
— Automated remote demos during the event or at the exhibition
— Targeted messages to the various categories of participants by the organizers
— Measuring the quality of service by participants — time registration line at the buffet, the ease of finding the right room …

Analytics. Analysis of the data will be one of the most important in the use of mobile applications.
Eventers used to collect and analyze data before or after the events, and in the event, the level of satisfaction and efficiency measures was difficult to assess.
Today mobile applications offer analytics on huge blocks of data — a gold mine of useful and current information to improve the quality of your work.
Analytics provided applications that enables us to give instant answers to various questions — from the best speaker and booth at the event (who attracted more attention) to the number of applications used during the event.

One of the trends of the future — the use and exchange of huge amounts of data during events and exhibitions. This will require the use of analytical and statistical applications. The data in the future will be the basis for the marketing strategy.
The threat to data — also the problem of the coming days. Solving the problem of hacking of databases and information theft — in the creation of security tools and systems, access codes, and anti-virus programs.

Drones photographers. Use drones at events for high-definition photo and video from different angles and in real time will become a new trend, if it receives a legal permit.

Condenced format. The abundance of information that falls on us in the internet makes marketers look for new forms of presentation of products and services. In place of the traditional texts with illustrations comes videos — the highest quality and the shortest for the speed and accuracy of perception. Webinars are also becoming shorter — the participants are willing to spend on them a maximum of 45 minutes of your time.
(based on materials of the foreign press)