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Confibition – a new format

Current trends and customer needs are changing the rules in the event industry. The main task – to interest the customer and his customers – is achieved by combining the elements in various formats.
The recent trend merger of the two most popular formats of the event – exhibition and conference.

The exhibition – it is a good format to demonstrate capabilities and attract customers, but visitors are increasingly talking about the lack of an educational element, the session with questions and answers to get the full information about the product or service of interest.

One of the leading formats, customer training. Disadvantages – need to find sponsors and professional speakers on designated topics.

The new format – confibition.
The conference organizers assign a place for exhibition areas, where you can see specific examples. Historically, this format has emerged from one of the scientific conferences and poster sessions in separate rooms, where scientists were able to demonstrate their specific examples of scientific work and answer questions from the audience.
The pledge of success of the new format is the balance of its constituent parts – a conference and an exhibition, the ability to organize individual meetings, and fit them into the schedule of the event.

For the successful development of a new format it is necessary to do the preparatory work with the participants. Ask the target audience on the main issue – more of conferences or of exhibitions? Does the participants need long theoretical reports, or they need more communication with the speakers and participants with the exhibition format?
And also: find the right venue for exhibition booths and meeting rooms for dialogue, invite the good speakers, create high-quality sponsorship packages with special discounts for exhibition space and advertising, make competently and strict program. And the participants will be able to take full advantage of the new format!