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Predicting the future! Modern trends in design activities

Making the event – it is a tool to attract and retain the attention of the audience, creating an unforgettable vivid impressions. What will help event professionals in the industry in the near future?

This driving force for many industries – did not escape the attention and event industry. New technologies are helping to make the impossible at events, they bind together all the elements of action, special effects impress even discerning guests. Holographic images, sensory projection, video projection to change the space, ordering meals guests through a virtual menu for mobile devices and applications. Over time, the use of these technologies will be less costly for the budget measures.

Customers are increasingly demanding the original event, designed specifically for them – an unusual site, interesting design, and creative catering. All companies must comply with the spirit or the customer needs and style and lifestyle of its guests. Now organizers are not planning the event – they create a life style!

Chamber Events
Small cozy activities are becoming increasingly popular. The atmosphere is less formal and rigorous, fading standard dining with an official dress code, and the seating arrangement, multiple-course. Guests are able to move with ease and communicate in any event. A small number of guests become more exclusive event that becomes a good marketing ploy.

Organic branding
Guests ambassadors of the brand. Discreet use of the brand and products as decorative elements, especially in the promotional activities will be a good trend is not pressing on the perception of guests, on the contrary, creates positive emotions and reveals the advantages and practical sides of the brand and the product behind it. Such an experience of interaction with a brand is easily translated into a social network, not as advertising, but as an impression.

Prepare yourself
More and more activities are used to catering options through which visitors themselves can create dishes to your taste. This variety of workpiece -ingredienty on the principle of “do it yourself” – snacks, drinks, desserts …

Flowers design
Floral elements are used not only as a table decoration, but as art installations – significant elements of the decor.

Live chat
The main purpose of the event – invited guests participating for live chat – remains unchanged for many years. And the best – new technologies, a variety of design ideas of space, entertainment and food – as always aimed at creating the right atmosphere for communication and information!

(based on bizbash.com)