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Event-industry trends

Innovation in the modern world of technology and business is reflected in the event industry. Each year, experts on the organization of events have the opportunity to try out the new formats of organizing events according to the growing needs of customers. We present some of the most important trends in the industry for the current year and the near future.

Event — Community
Increasingly, the life cycle of events is beyond the scope of specific dates. It begins long before the actual onset of action (mailing information, surveys) and continues after it (surveys, delivery of necessary data, ..) in the form of different information platforms and applications. A certain community of people with common interests and needs is formed. However, eventers not always have time to maintain these communities, they should make a new event. A great potential of the community — needs to learn how to work properly with them.

Local cuisine and products
Several years ago, this trend won many customers as organic and simple. catering companies have adopted fresh farm products as a competitive advantage.

Mobile applications
Applications for the event are becoming more popular and allow participants to give more information. However, there is a problem to convince the participants to upload an application and work with it at the event. According to statistics, about 60% download the application and of these only 10% use it for work. The task of the event organizers and customers — to persuade the participants to work with applications that address the needs of the participants in the development of these applications.

Single Platform
Modern technology allows us to work with one versatile tool for planning and carrying out of actions, not with a dozen tools and databases that need to be coordinated, fill in and monitor separately.

New venues
Rising prices and dwindling budgets dictate the new trend of finding the best venues for events. Empty warehouses and hangars, parks and zoos, roofs, garages converted using a simple decor in excellent non-standard venues.

Mobile applications
Remember how comfortable to walk through the museum with audio guide. Similar and other useful applications await visitors exhibitions, festivals and major events. Participants will receive the necessary information about goods and services, potential customers, contractors and customers, find out what is currently taking place at various venues, will make own schedule for the event, will be able to ask questions and get necessary data in real time, leave comments, send data in social networks.

Mighty www
The presence of the Internet and wi-fi becomes a necessary condition for the event. Using applications and data exchange for a large number of participants requires a reliable and high speed signal transmission.

Data analysis
Data collection at the event is made for a variety of purposes. This information is usually systematized and analyzed after the event, and even later. Modern technology will instantly collect, process and generate reports based on this information. This will help the organizers to take into account all the comments of participants at the event and to get the maximum return on their work.