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Are You a 2014 EventPlanner?

How often have you heard this: You’re an event planner?
So you get people in a room and organize lunch right?
Cue your blood starting to boil and you holding back a very loud NO!

People that are not in the events industry still have no idea what we do and are baffled by the fact that this is a complex job. This job is not cut out for everyone because you need to have about 20 skills that you master, be an organizer, a researcher and all while landing a sponsorship deal.
You need to become a pro; athletes practice and practice to get those ideal skills that will bring them to the big leagues and give them the perfect game.
What will make you become the perfect event planner?
#1 – Mapping your skills
There is a certain skill set that you need to have to become an event professional. You need to find a way to transfer these skills into your resume, LinkedIn profile and your introduction of what you do to show that you are an expert in the field.
#2 – Organizing Flexibility
Are you the type of person that can adapt to any situation at a moment’s notice? When you are an event planner you need to be a project planner extraordinaire, but also know how to deal with crises.
Events are unpredictable, I think we can all agree on that point, so if you don’t have a backup plan for your backup plan you are going to fail. You need to have a solution for every problem that arises. Make sure that you print badges in case your attendees forget theirs, have a backup speaker in the case that one can’t make it last minute and know how to deal with all your attendee and exhibitor requests.
The key is to be flexible, but not too flexible. You need to be able to convince people that your idea and vision is the right way to go and that you have a plan if something happens. Don’t be a strictly yes or a strictly no person either. Stand your ground on your ideas. After all you are the pro here!

#3 – Being an Innovator
You need to find a way to foster your creativity. Nowadays if people get something right once, they are pretty reluctant to change it. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Get that motto out of your head and get creative. Think outside of the box with event designs. Get creative when it comes to quick fixes like collateral that has the wrong information or a booth design that is missing a crucial piece of furniture. Have your creative juices flowing as much as you can.
Being an innovator means more than getting creative with quick fixes too, it involves being able to see the trends that are coming. Be able to have a well trained eye to see what works for you, your industry and your business.
Communication = simple, efficient – If you have bad interpersonal skills then this is not the job for you. Not only do you need to know how to relate and communicate with your staff, but also with your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and I’m sure I forgot a few. You need to be able to get your point across clearly and also be opened to new ideas. Don’t get complex with your communication style.
A great event professional will know how to tailor a message to each industry in a respectful and simple way.
#4 – Becoming an Expert
You are not only an event planner; you are a community manager, marketer, consultant, technology expert, social media aficionado, and a leader. You need to learn how to become an expert in more than one field in order to be successful. Learn how to promote your event, manage your tech tools, use social media and how to produce the right content.
#5 – Being a Strategist
You are not sending emails. You have a strategy, tools, analytics. You are thinking budget and ROI.
Integration is so important when it comes to understanding how to market. You need to make sure you can reach the widest audience possible. Become an expert at analytics, measurement and tracking your results.
#6 – Continuing Your Training
Become a tech friendly person. Talk with your colleagues, friends, partners, etc. and ask about the tech trends in your industry. Use a technology provider that you trust. Know the right words and right questions to ask and you will be okay. It shows that you at least care enough to get familiar with the industry.
#7 – Conclusion
No one’s resume and experience is going to look the same. We are all separate individuals, but you need to know the basics in order to get to YOUR perfect resume. This will have you on your way to becoming a knowledgeable and well-rounded event planner that can solve any problem head on!

Based on the material of www.eventmanagerblog.com