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Event ROI: How to Create an Event That Drives Business

When done right, events are a successful technique for marketing, engagement and networking. The problem is that so many organizations settle for outdated, unimaginative and boring events, that the reputation of events has suffered. There are ways to increase that ROI. These include paying attention to the behaviors that drive happiness, such as the surprise factor and engagement. Here are some examples:

Make it memorable
We remember experience of the event and not the event itself. Do not let guests queue in boring lines or wait for long at the event. Try to anticipate quests’ aspirations. Think of a WOW factor, which will give memorable photos and long discussions after the event.

Understand how the brain works
Research shows that the human brain can work well for about 90 minutes then it needs a break. That’s why the best speeches are 18 minutes or under. Every 7-10 minutes there should be an incorporation of a change at your event – a song, a video, something interactive to allow the brain to do something else.

Cool it
Literally, keep the temperature cool in the room. Warm/hot temperatures make everything feel like it’s going slow and will put your attendees to sleep.

Refresh it!
Sometimes you aren’t gifted with an increased budget for your event, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be refreshed. Re-invent a “ribbon cutting” ceremony making the ribbons fall from the ceiling with a kabuki drop. The audience will not expect it! Feature a runway and place chairs on both sides, no money for poduim — shorten the speaker sessions, add really cool music, and make it like a fashion show — and the guests will love it!

Make it interactive
Changed up the dessert experience for a inspiring and interactive masterpiece. Make desserts right on the table as a form of art. It is a new and fashionable trend!

(based on materials of www.event-solutions.com)