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How to make successful event?

If you regularly plan and conduct activities, you probably know that at any time you need to be ready for unexpected developments. Something could go wrong during the preparation or during the event itself.
How to avoid it?

Do not do anything on the pattern.
Repeated from year to year, the event or the elements can annoy even the most persistent participants. Regularly change the elements of the event, adds a new, attracting the attention of the audience. Find an unusual platform, experiment with design and special effects. Look for inspiration in the relevant sites, brainstorm on the team.

Create the cloud of anticipation around an event.
You have not received the required number of confirmations of participation in the event. Urgently address the problem! You are not interested in your audience, even if the event itself is very high quality. Why your event cannot be missed? It is important for the customer and for you – to make sure that both believe it! Do not overwhelm guests with traditional invitations and numerous reminders – try to create such an invitation, which cannot be abandoned. All are waiting for the event and confirm participation.
Regularly publish on websites and social networks small blocks of information related to the upcoming event. Engage opinion makers for comments. Use VIPs. Share useful information related to the topic of the event. Intrigue and engage the audience, emphasizing what the participants will receive from attending of your event.

Work with feedback about your event – especially with the negative!
Monitoring of social networks is the important part of the work on the event. React immediately to solve problems. Communicate with participants, thank for feedback, learn from it for the upcoming events.
(based on foreign media data)