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How to choose «your» catering company?

The quality of the event depends on the quality and quantity of food supplied. Good catering can save the event, bad — to destroy all your efforts to make the perfect event. This cost is very expensive and requires careful selection of catering company. This is not easy, since proposals may differ in price and very difficult to compare.
Criteria for selection of experts from the event-industry can help you navigate among the proposals and to make the right choice.

Responsiveness and interest in your needs
They listen and ask questions about your business, about the upcoming event and your guests, your budget and preferences. Many companies are willing to provide the best tasting sets of the best products at low prices. This cannot but cause concern, as well as lack of adequate feedback and communication with you during the negotiations.

Experience with the specific format of the event.
Not all catering companies are able to cover the entire range of activities existing formats. Everyone has a certain specialization — whether it’s the VIP events and private parties or huge corporate events for several thousand guests. Some are great at outdoor events. Other — make show in confined spaces. Ask contractors what activities are best for them, how long they work in this niche.

A variety of menu options
Almost every catering company has a standard menu with the possibility of small changes, that do not substantially affect the price. These menus change according to the new trends of the market and the season. However, the real professionals always creatively approach the compilation of the tasting menu for a particular event tailored to your specific preferences and needs. They do not reject your request to make diet, vegetarian dishes or a children’s menu. They serve a special presentation of meals in accordance with the theme of the event. You just have to taste and choose what’s right.

Willingness to make tasting
To check the quality of catering is possible in the pre-tasting. Many customers do not order it, while others simply do not know about this service. Having agreed on the tasting, you should make sure that it will contain the dishes that you have chosen for the event, and not other similar samples. Pay attention not only to the taste and portion size, but also on presentation — how it will look on the table. If necessary, ask for dishes to choose a suitable drink. Visit 3-4 tastings to select the best supplier.

Catering must fit into the theme of the event and the venue
Seated dinner — one option, an informal party in the open air — the other. Catering company should be aware of the requirements of a particular venue (and preferably have experience with it), especially when it comes to museum halls or public institutions.

The contract includes all
It should be clear and transparent, and include the conditions agreed upon — specific menu items and drinks, weight of portions, the number of guests, type of feed rates, services and much more. Discuss in advance all non-standard items and services, including additional employees, cleaning, waste disposal. Provide options to withdraw the order in whole or reduction / enlargement booking conditions, if the catering company itself refuses to order. Include everything in the contract.

Willingness to invite to the event
It is not always positive comments of others can help you. Ask the catering company to attend the event with her participation. A few minutes is enough to get the full picture of what will be at your event.

(based on foreign media)