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Lilia Petrosyan is among Top 250 Best General Managers in 2014 Rating of «General Director» magazine

Lilia Benikovna Petrosyan

Company: «Seven events», Moscow
Position: Director

Industry: Services

The company’s mission: to help clients increase sales and business performance

* Tell us about the developments in the area in which you nominate yourself

7 events communications, event marketing agency, provides a full range of corporate events services for partners, customers and employees of the Client, as well as activities for the press. We achieve this by streamlined processes, collaboration, work in synergy with customers and suppliers, awareness activities as an important part of the business process. We are distinguished by:

— Authenticity, responsibility, results-oriented, flexible and transparent pricing policy.
— Beauty in details, exceptional solutions, graceful forms of implementation of ideas, attention to every stage of work
— Trust, significant experience, team of like-minded, many successful projects, long-term relations with customers

In our work we focus on the system of qualities and skills that every employee should have, helping to discover and develop them. High service — means our people!

Event-manager of the agency:
Brave, responsible
Diverse thinking, giving the customer a choice!
Attentive, neat
Professional, competent
Well-mannered, sincere
Reliable, sensitive, intuitive

Agency staff are motivated to be useful to the client, agency, which in turn brings recognition and job satisfaction.
Monetary remuneration (salary and bonuses) — is an expression of gratitude agencies and clients for work.
Education on the specifics of the event-market, growth of skills move employees to new exciting search and development of their personality.

* Tell us about your management principles

In our work, you must not only possess experience in shaping the strategy and tactics of event marketing, be able to properly coordinate the resources, but also to actively listen and hear the client, «to be in the client’s shoes», making full use of professional skills. If everything fits together the best solutions are born.

— Optimize resource agencies to work effectively on projects
— Continuous training and motivation of employees to the success of the agency, to prevent staff turnover
— Attention to details of the projects, creation of back-up implementation plans
— Self-education, search for new technologies and techniques that improve the creative process, monitor changes in the ares of event marketing, in terms of legislation and law.

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